ARV Swedish Design
Medallion XX necklace (M), 001

Medallion XX necklace (M), 001

230 EUR
Art. no. 001

Medallion XX, size medium (M)

Part of the ARV Signature Chromosome series, this pendant is based on the first ever design for ARV Swedish Design by Alicia. The piece, in Sterling Silver, features two large X-shaped chromosomes, one inherited from each parent, encased in a circle representing a mammalian cell. The chromosomes (which are packages of DNA) become X-shaped as a cell is about to divide (during the process known as mitosis). This design is available in small and medium sizes, and this is the medium size and comes on a silver chain.

This design is available in several sizes, please also see Art. no. 012, 011

Size: 40 mm diameter
Material: silver